LVDO offers a wide variety of legal services. We are specialized in labour law, real estate law and company law.

Besides LVDO offers tailor-made mediation.  There is a trend in jurisdiction in which judges persuade plaintiff and defendant to use mediation in order to look for mutual benefits and achieve a win-win situation.

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Legal Counseling

LVDO functions as a guide through contemporary law considering a great diversity of legal domains and provides you insight in your rights as a citizen.

Our services range from online legal counseling to legal support in cases that go to the Administrative or Sub-district Court. LVDO has experience in cases in which LVDO faced governmental actors or private  firms, mostly broker’s agencies.

LVDO is active in the following domains:

  • Rental Law
  • Labour Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Company Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Real Estate Law


Mediation is a completely different way to solve legal conflicts. Parties try to avoid going to court by mutually agreeing upon a solution. Both parties aim at the structural recovery of a professional or private relation, since parties themselves propose the solutions to which they eventually conform on paper.

Mediation is the most appropriate to solve conflicts in the following situations:

  • Labour conflicts
  • Family troubles
  • Neighbour conflicts

 Reclaim commission or agency fees

LVDO is specialized in reclaiming illegally charged commission  costs or agency fees for rental housing. Intermediaries and brokers are only entitled to justly charge one party, which is either the landlord or the tenant. In a multitude of cases this is the landlord. Unjustly paid costs can be reclaimed.

LVDO offers reclaiming commission or agency fee on a “no-cure no-pay“ basis. We set up and complete the complete legal procedure free of charge. If successful – which is to say, always – LVDO charges a 30% fee over the reclaimed commission. In this way you do not incur any risk. Moreover, reclaiming your costs is effortless.

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About Us

LVDO-Legal offers a wide variety of legal services in differemt domains. Transparency and clarity about a client’s chances in court are among LVDO’s most important values.  LVDO always tries to avoid high costs of legal procedures and will always aim at the most efficient solution. Nevertheless, top priority of LVDO is to defend the rights of our clients.

We are active throughout the Netherlands and can provide legal counseling throughout the country. We can provide are online services for low fares. If you have any question or remarks in general or about a specific case, please contact us via the Contact page or



  • LVDO reclaims your agency fees on a no cure no pay-basis. Only if we are successful in reclaiming your agency fees, we charge a 30% fee over the amount reimbursed, with a minimum of 200 euros to cover costs.
  • For legal services the fee is 90 euros/ hour (excl. 6% office costs and VAT of 21%). Specific price arrangements are possible.
  • For mediation services the fee is 125 euros/ hour (excl. 6% office costs and VAT of 21%). Specific price arrangements are possible.


Do you have a question, remark or do you simply want more information? LVDO Legal is easy to reach in different ways and always willing to listen. Please contact us through the form below.

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